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AI covers

Dear authors,

As a novel cover designer since 2017, I understand the importance of a cover that captures the spirit of your work while respecting your artistic and creative visions. As technology continues to evolve, I have incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) into my creative process to provide you with more polished, unique and personalised cover designs.

However, there may be concerns about copyright issues and the role of AI in this process. Let me reassure you.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in design is not a threat to artists' copyrights; on the contrary, it offers a new dimension to artistic creation. AI generates original designs, not by copying existing work, but by learning from millions of examples and creating its own interpretations. These designs are then modified and personalised by a human designer, guaranteeing the originality and uniqueness of each design. It's important to note that AI is a tool that I use, not an independent entity that creates content in breach of copyright.

What's more, using AI has a number of advantages for authors. It allows me to work more efficiently and faster, which means I can spend more time personalising and finalising your cover. AI can also help me explore design avenues I wouldn't have thought of otherwise, enriching the diversity and originality of the designs I can offer you. The use of AI in cover design is therefore a real opportunity for innovation and creation.

It's crucial to understand that AI is a tool, not an artist. Like a paintbrush in the hands of a painter, AI is merely a means by which the artist's creative vision is manifested. As a designer, I control every aspect of cover creation, ensuring that every cover I design not only respects the copyright of the artists, but is also a unique work of art.

Artificial intelligence is a wonderful technology that opens up new possibilities for creation and innovation. It allows me to work more efficiently, to quickly generate several design ideas, and to explore new artistic avenues. That said, AI does not replace the work of a designer. In fact, I'm always in the driving seat, guiding the AI in the desired direction and making the necessary changes to ensure that the cover corresponds exactly to your vision.

Finally, I'd like to stress that my role is not limited to generating images. I work with you to understand the heart of your story, your characters and your themes. I touch up every element of the cover, add professional copy, and refine every detail until you're completely satisfied.

And I do it all at a very affordable rate. My aim is to make the creation of professional quality novel covers accessible to authors of all budgets.

I'm here to help you bring your vision to life, and I look forward to working with you to create the perfect cover for your novel.

AI Covers

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