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  • What is a premade?
    It is a finalized cover put on sale, sold only once. It is purchased as it is by an author who adds his name, title and all the text elements necessary for its publication. Sometimes one or two (quoted) changes can be made.
  • What is a custom?
    This is a tailor-made novel cover, with the author's indications, choices, wishes and requests. It is a real collaboration between the needs of the author, and the expertise of the artist designer.
  • How is the collaboration with London Montgomery Covers going?
    First, in the case of a premade, the author will buy the cover and ask for text additions to the cover. Within 48 hours, he will receive the ebook cover. Secondly, in the case of a custom, the author will propose his project to London Montgomery who will study it, indicate the feasibility and the constraints. The artist will offer suggestions for improvement so that it matches the reality of the market. Then, London will get to work and propose a WIP (a first draft), which will be validated (or not) by the author. If that's okay, then London will keep working and deliver the cover to the author by email. If it is to be reviewed, then London will come up with a new draft.
  • What is the deadline for delivery of the cover?
    For a premade: approximately 48 hours. For a custom: it depends on the booking and the schedule in London. A project can take 48 hours for some, several days for others.
  • What literary genres do London Montgomery Covers specialize in?
    I really like romance. I read a lot. That's why I specialize in romance novel covers. Historical, contemporary, white, woman fiction, non-fiction, erotic. Anything related to romance is my field. Photo, illustration, whatever, I love it. I also do a lot of urban fantasy, fantasy, mystery covers. I like to work on very diverse genres, so do not hesitate to contact me for all your projects.
  • Is the cover unique?
    Yes, for sure! Each cover is only sold .
  • Are the items used on the covers permitted by law?
    Absoutely! All licenses belong to me. You can publish your novel with peace of mind.
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